Electric Toothbrushes 101

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If you’re thinking about getting an electric toothbrush but aren’t quite decided yet, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to consider before you make the switch.

What Is an Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a chargeable toothbrush that does the brushing for you! Although you still need to have proper brushing technique (e.g. brushing in light circles), the head of your electric toothbrush rapidly rotates to break up areas of plaque buildup without the risk of enamel damage from excessive brushing pressure.

What Are the Advantages of an Electric Toothbrush?

  • Many dentists recommend electric toothbrushes because they clean your teeth more accurately than a manual toothbrush does, since they are designed to clean your teeth using small, brisk circles without being harsh on your enamel and gums.
  • Additionally, many electric toothbrushes have timers so that you know that you’re brushing your teeth for two minutes each time, every time.
  • There are many different types of electric toothbrushes out there, but some have various settings for specific issues like whitening or gum care so you can tailor your brushing experience to your dental needs.
  • Electric toothbrushes are especially great for children and the elderly because they’re easy to grip and aren’t difficult to maneuver.


Are There Any Downsides to an Electric Toothbrush?

  • Electric toothbrushes can be expensive. However, there are so many different kinds available today, you’re likely to find one even if you’re on a budget. If you’re hesitant to splurge on an electric toothbrush now, think about how getting a clean that’s closer to one you can get in our office will save you time and money long-term since you’ll be less likely to have future dental issues to fix!
  • Electric toothbrushes do need to be charged at least once a week, so if you are a frequent traveler and forget to carry your charger around, it may be difficult to have an electric toothbrush.


Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Think you are ready to make the switch to an electric toothbrush but still have additional questions? Our team at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry is here to help you decide what’s best for your dental needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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