Adults Guide to Visiting the Dentist for the First Time

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No matter how compliant a patient is with the recommendation of practicing proper oral hygiene at home, it is still highly advised for them to see the dentist regularly. That is because some areas in the mouth can be still left uncleaned.

Despite the use of a soft and thin toothbrush or floss, some areas can still be missed. That is why patients are highly advised to see the dentist regularly. But, what if a patient is new to the area and it has been a while since they visited a dentist for the first time? We at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry encourage those who are moving to Keller, Texas to consider booking their first appointment at our practice. For everyone to feel more at ease and to avoid any hassles, here are some tips we prepared.

dental check up

What to bring?

Medical history

The new practice usually requires patients to give them an idea about the current state of their general health. These records are needed before the scheduled appointment for the dental professional to know what to do and avoid. The essential things to include are general health issues, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, and allergies.

List of medications

Patients should also bring a list of medicines they take regularly and occasionally. These should include prescribed or over the counter medicines, vitamins, and even supplements. It is advised to include the name of the prescriber and for what condition a particular drug is. Bringing the actual medicines would work as well.

Physical examination

It is best for patients to bring the results of a recent physical study. If this is not available, asking for a copy directly from the physician is advised.

Names and numbers

Make a list of healthcare providers and family members who are responsible for any decisions regarding one’s health. Including their contact numbers is essential.


How to Prepare?

  • Pick a schedule that works best. This step is essential since it helps make sure that the visit would go as smoothly as possible for the patient.
  • Arrive earlier than the scheduled appointment to have enough time in familiarizing the team and the dental office as well.
  • Make sure to list all the questions and concerns about the state of one’s oral health. Doing so guarantees that no query will be left unanswered by the dentist.
  • For patients with anxiety, scheduling the appointment shortly after taking their medicine is best to make them feel more at ease about the visit.


Looking for a responsible and caring practice that would handle your oral health in a new location? Book an appointment with us at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry! We have a caring and dedicated team to help you achieve optimum oral health from your First Visit in Keller, TX.