All About Fixed Dentures in Keller, TX

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How does a good smile look like? If you believe that a complete set of teeth is one factor that makes the smile beautiful, dare to replace your missing teeth now. At Highland Oaks Family Dentistry, we offer dentures for patients who are suffering from tooth loss. Dentures are teeth replacements that consist of artificial gums and teeth. Depending on the type used, the oral device can either be removable or permanent. Although we provide both options, we recommend permanent or fixed denture to patients as it is more advantageous compared to the other alternative.




What Is A Fixed Denture?

Both traditional and fixed dentures can restore the lost smile of the person. The second option, however, gives off a secured dental restoration to patients—it is what separates it from the conventional type of dentures. How is this possible? Well, it is all due to dental implants. The titanium posts of the said restorative device hold the fake teeth so they will not become unstable inside the mouth. Fixed dentures are versatile as they can cater to patients who lost all of their teeth in the arch, or to someone who only has single or few teeth missing.

Here are additional facts about fixed dentures:

  • Permanent dentures cannot become ill-fitting because they are firmly placed in the jawbone using dental implants.
  • Unlike the removable type, dentures that are secured by dental implants offer extreme longevity. They can last for a lifetime if proper oral hygiene and care are practiced.
  • Fixed dentures, however, are not for everyone. Visiting the dentist for a consultation is necessary as the dental professional can help determine one’s candidacy for the treatment. Opting for permanent dentures without considering the dentist’s advice can lead to poor results.
  • The dental restoration halts premature aging and facial alterations so patients can retain the aesthetics of their face.
  • Wearers have a low risk of experiencing gum pain, sore spots, and infections in the pink tissues if they choose fixed instead of traditional dentures.

No matter how fixed dentures function excellently, it is still recommended to visit the dentist for checkups every six months. If problems with the oral device get in the way, do not practice self-repair to prevent further damage.


Highland Oaks Family Dentistry provides fixed dentures, traditional dentures, and denture stabilization services. If you want to fix your missing teeth, avail our Dentures in Keller, TX now. We are located at 700 North Tarrant Pkwy., Keller, TX 76248.