Putting Off Your Dentist

Fight Fear, Forgetfulness, Finances, and Frantic Schedules for Oral Health

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Why do we put off the dentist? It seems like an easy question, but in truth, there are a myriad of different answers.

Many people will cite extreme fear, and retrogress to a nightmarish experience from childhood with a drill-wielding dentist and no laughing gas: Definitely not a laughing matter! Others will cite their busy schedules: How can I possibly make it to the dentist’s office when I work, have to take my son to soccer, my daughter to ballet, make dinner, and attend book club?

Money is another popular excuse: The cost of dental insurance, or the cost of bills when insurance isn’t available or when insurance doesn’t cover the entire procedure, is enough to keep a lot of customers away. Finally, forgetfulness, the difficulty of keeping track of appointments that span six-month periods, is another popular reason. We get it; life is full of commitments, and keeping track of yet another appointment is difficult.

Why Your Oral Health is So Important

Here’s the deal, though, regardless of what keeps you away from the dentist, your oral health is a huge deal. Just as we try to maintain our physical health, maintaining our oral health is a piece of the same puzzle. Not only do routine exams (every six months) ensure that minor problems like plaque build-up and small cavities don’t snowball into root canals or extractions, dental X-rays and exams can detect dangerous cancers that often go undetected such as tongue cancer and mouth cancer.

Additionally, a beautiful smile goes a long way toward improving your overall self-esteem, adding to your mental and emotional well being. When you have a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums, you don’t have to contain your smile to a grin, your laugh to a giggle; you are free to express yourself with confidence.

Regardless of the reason why you put off going to the dentist, be it fear, forgetfulness, finances, or a frantic schedule, trust that your oral health is far too precious to continue to rely on these excuses. Book an appointment with us today and get a healthy and dazzling smile.

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