Give the Gift of Oral Health

two hands holding out a red gift box with a bow

Christmas may have come and gone, but there are plenty of other times throughout the year when you’ll need to pick up a gift for someone. Whenever you’re not sure what to buy your friends and loved ones as a present, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of oral health. It’s healthy and won’t go to waste!

Electric Toothbrush

Dentists everywhere recommend electric toothbrushes because of their precise brushing capabilities and gentleness on gums. Not to mention, they’re pretty cool to use! Some electric toothbrushes have different functionalities to clean, polish, and even whiten teeth, making them convenient tools to help you maintain your oral health.

Floss and Floss Picks

Flossing may not be fun for some, but offering a variety of flavored flosses and interdental cleaning aids like floss picks are perfect for those who have major meetings, lunches, and presentations for work and for busy students who are often forgetful when it comes to flossing. You can throw in different flavors of mouth rinses as well!


Switching toothpastes can become a difficult task, but not when you have a whole sampler to choose from! Give your loved ones a selection of toothbrushes and toothpastes so that they can mix and match.

Whitening Products

New year, new whiter smile! At-home whitening trays, gels, and strips are a great gift to give to your friends and loved ones so that they can smile with confidence.

Don’t forget to give yourself the gift of oral health by visiting your dentist twice a year for a cleaning and examination! We look forward to welcoming you at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry, where you can sip a latte while you relax in the waiting room, watch your favorite TV show during your treatment, and enjoy a warm scented towel before you go. Be sure to check out our new patient specials as well! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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