On The Go Dental Care Ideas


Whether you travel extensively for work or pleasure, or if you enjoy camping or visiting family out of town frequently, you probably have to some extent traveled before and have some packing preparations that you utilize to make your trip run smoothly. The unfortunate thing about traveling is that most people neglect some very important habits when they’re in a hurry: One of these is oral health care. Whether you forget to bring your floss, or you even forget your toothbrush altogether, there are a few things you can go to keep up with your dental care on-the-go.

1. Keep To Go Floss In Your Overnight Bag

Do you have a favorite brand of floss? Keep a spare one in your overnight bag or suitcase so you never have to forget it. You can also keep a spare one in your handbag or briefcase too, that way you can floss anytime: after lunch, before a big meeting, or before a date. Keeping floss handy will mean you never have an excuse to skip.

2. Take a Miniature Toothpaste Tube

Almost every brand of toothpaste makes a miniature toothpaste tube, so you don’t have to go without your favorite brand when you’re traveling or when you’re out and about and far away from home.

3. Always Keep Water Handy

Even if you’re out at a restaurant or schlepping your way across town, just drinking water is a very simple on-the-go dental care practice you can use. Just drinking water, or swishing some water in your mouth, will rinse away debris or food particles that are stuck between your teeth. This all-natural mouth rinse is a great way to stay hydrated and keep your mouth clean.

What are your ideas for on-the-go dental care? Let us know and when you’re ready, make an appointment for a cleaning or a check-up today!