Gold Crowns vs. Porcelain Crowns

hands holding up words gold crown and porcelain crown with question mark in middle

If you are getting a dental crown, you may be wondering whether you should go for gold or porcelain. Typically crowns in the front teeth (in the smile line) are going to be porcelain because they are natural-looking. For crowns on the back molars, while they are still visible, some people have less concern with having noticeable crowns in the back of their mouth.

The difference between gold and porcelain crowns are not just aesthetic, though. Each type of crown, while incredibly durable, have a couple of differences in terms of lifespan, depending on your own personal oral health and at-home care routines.

Gold Dental Crowns

Gold crowns are considered the most successful type of dental crown due to their durability. If you need a crown because you have a severe grinding habit that has worn down your teeth, then a gold crown may be the best option for you. Gold crowns will often last for several decades, so if cost is a concern, then gold crowns will likely be the most economical since you would likely be replacing them less often.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain crowns are often fused to metal to provide them with strength. When you look at a porcelain crown on a back molar, you will often see a thin line of metal between where the tooth meets the gum line – this is the metal that the crown is fused to. Porcelain crowns are so natural looking, most people will probably not even be able to tell it is not your natural tooth. They are shaped to match your former tooth, and even matched to the color of your other teeth as well. However, even though porcelain crowns have a relatively long life span of ten to twenty years, this is not as long as a gold crown.

Many factors depend on which type of crown you should choose, including your budget, your risk of more decay, your bite, and even your age.

If you have any questions about which type of crown to choose, please call our friendly team and schedule an appointment today. You can also book an appointment online!

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