Halloween Candy FAQs

pile of mini wrapped chocolates

On October 31st, goblins, ghosts and ghouls of all ages will indulge in the seemingly endless supply of candy that Halloween brings. While we’re all for enjoying a few candy corn or chocolates, moderation is important! To help you and your family make informed decisions about your candy consumption during Halloween, we’ve put together a list of frequent questions that Dr. Yoon and the rest of our team receive from patients.

Q: If I want healthy teeth, do I need to completely avoid candy and other sweet treats?

A: No! We’d never ask that of you. However, we do want our patients to be mindful of what they eat. So long as you don’t make Halloween an excuse to completely abandon brushing twice a day and flossing regularly, there’s no problem with enjoying a treat or two.

Q: Are there better kinds of candy? Are there candies I should avoid?

A: Yes. Chocolate, for example, is one of the better candies to choose. Chocolate washes off your teeth more easily than other types of candy. On the other hand, candies that are sticky or gummy are harder to get rid of. Because they stick to your teeth, bacteria that can cause cavities stick around longer. Hard candy should also be limited – many of our patients have cracked or chipped a tooth while eating hard candy.

Q: How can I manage my kid’s candy consumption this Halloween?

A: Many of our patients come up with innovative ways to make sure their kids don’t overindulge on sweet treats. Some folks allow their kids to choose one piece of candy each day. Others have their kids pick their 20 favorite candies from their stockpile and then donate the rest. After all, for many children, the act of trick-or-treating and gathering their candy can be more exciting than the actual eating of the candy.

In conclusion, you don’t need to say “boo!” to candy this Halloween. To satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure you’re making intelligent choices about your candy while keeping up with your regular dental care regimen. So long as you’re enjoying candy in moderation and maintaining your regular oral hygiene habits, you should be just fine! If you have any additional questions for Dr. Yoon or wish to schedule your next appointment, contact the Highland Oaks Family Dentistry team today!

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