History of Teeth Extraction in Keller, TX

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Pulling a tooth out of its socket can mean pain. It has been instilled into the minds of many people that tooth extraction is a painful process. What’s actually painful is not the procedure, but the effects of the damaged or decayed tooth. There are many reasons why a tooth is removed. It may be because of an injury, overcrowding, dental trauma, impaction or a severely damaged tooth that cannot be saved by restorations and simple treatments.


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Here at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry, we offer Teeth Extraction Services which also includes wisdom tooth removal to ensure that any affected tooth would not create a more complex dental problem. We also provide several sedation options to make tooth extraction a more pleasant experience.


History of Teeth Extraction

13th Century: Teeth extraction had been practiced before but not by professional dentists. Aside from giving haircuts, barbers also played a significant role in maintaining overall health. Barbers were once responsible for extracting bleeding and damaged teeth while others perform surgeries. At the same time, tooth extraction was performed to treat various illnesses. Ancient people had also explored several alternatives to relieve tooth pain such as using herbal plant products, beer, and wine.

14th Century: The Pelican, a tool to extract teeth was developed during this period. The name of the claw tool was derived from its resemblance to a pelican beak. It is composed of a ragged shaft and semi-circular support in each side. The device uses different types of claw and bolsters to extract four distinct tooth shape.

The 1900s: This time, it is not the barbers who extract teeth but traveling dentists! They perform the procedure during town fairs wherein loud music overpowers the patients’ agonizing cries of pain.

20th Century: Modern forceps became famous and were widely used for teeth extraction procedures.

Modern Teeth Extraction: Several options are available to restore damaged teeth, but sometimes, certain conditions make it hard to save an affected tooth. Rest assured that teeth extractions at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry are performed safe and pain-free.


Looking for a safe and pain-free procedure? Book an appointment with us. Highland Oaks Family Dentistry have caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your Teeth Extractions in Keller, TX.