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People who lost a tooth or two may think that dentures and bridges are the only course of action for their needs. What if we at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry say that there is an even better solution that comes the closest to natural teeth? Curious? Continue reading!

Tooth loss is never a pleasant experience. Not only will it affect the appearance of a person, but it will eventually cause changes that can compromise one’s overall oral and mental wellness. Missing a certain number of teeth can make normal habits quite challenging. For instance, eating and speaking. It would be hard to chew particular foods; as a result, the patient may change their diet. The speech will also be affected since some words may become harder to pronounce. Lisps may also become a regular occurrence.

Fortunately, a restorative treatment that replaces not only the visible portion of the teeth but also the supporting structures emerged – dental implants!


Dental Implant


Reasons to Choose Dental Implants


Saying that dental implants can serve a patient for long years is an understatement. If proper hygiene and care practices are observed, the restoration can last even for a lifetime!

Preserves remaining teeth

Unlike other restoration options, dental implants do not require enamel shavings to make way for the prostheses. Implant posts that are surgically placed on the gaps would serve as the anchors. As a result, healthy structures can stay intact.

Bone growth

The placement of implants may make a person think twice after knowing that it is a surgical procedure. However, do know that it offers a fortunate side effect that only dental implants can offer – osseointegration. It is the process where the bone forms a structural and functional bond with the titanium implants. As a result, the lost bones “regrow” which strengthens and stabilizes the foundation even more.

Retains facial structure

As the jaw bone deteriorates due to lost stimulants (teeth), the facial appearance of a person can change. It can cause their face to sag, making them look older than their actual age. Dental implants restore not only the lost structures and stimulants but the youthful appearance of a patient as well.

Eat, speak, and smile without any worries

Implant restorations allow patients to use their teeth as normally as possible. Eating and speaking would no longer be a struggle. Patients can also smile to their heart’s content without worrying for slips or unnatural looking teeth!


Ready to get a second chance for your smile? We at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry assure patients that investing for Dental Implants in Keller, TX is totally worth it! If you have any other queries, feel free to call or visit us!