Why Do You Need Dental X-Rays?

brunette male dentist looking at monitor showing dental xrays

You may be surprised that you get X-rays done at the beginning of your dental appointment. You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t the dentist going to take a look at my teeth anyway?” While that is of course true, X-rays offer a closer, more accurate look at your teeth and jaws so that your dentist can identify any underlying issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Here’s why dental X-rays are so important:

Issues that Dental X-Rays Can Reveal

Dental X-rays are critical in identifying diseases like gum disease; can show the state of your teeth after a root canal; reveal the development of tumors, cysts, and abscesses; and help your dentist or orthodontist prepare teeth for surgery. They provide an inside look at your teeth that’s not detectable otherwise.

How Often Teeth Are X-Rayed

New patients will always get a set of X-rays for the dentist to have on file, unless your previous dentist sends in your X-rays from within the year. If you don’t have a history of dental diseases or decay, you will get new X-rays every year or two. If you do have a history of dental diseases or decay, you may need new X-rays every six months.

Are X-Rays Safe?

The amount of radiation you will be exposed to during your dental X-rays is very minimal and therefore safe. If you are concerned about radiation, talk to your dentist about what X-rays you are receiving and why so they can come up with an X-ray plan specifically tailored to your needs.

What if I Don’t Get X-Rays?

Remember that X-rays allow dentists to see deeper into the mouth and teeth than they could with just an exam, so any deeply underlying issues that aren’t visible from a thorough look at your teeth are at risk of getting worse without an X-ray.

Next time you get an X-ray during your dental visit, know that your dentist is doing everything that they can to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. At Highland Oaks Family Dentistry, we only use the latest technology to ensure comfort, safety, and accuracy. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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