Tooth Fairy Traditions from Around the World

tooth fairy traditions

Have you ever wondered how other countries and cultures celebrate the loss of a baby tooth? Here are just a few tooth fairy traditions from around the world.


Children in Greece throw their teeth on the roof for good luck and wish for their adult teeth to grow healthy and strong.


Children in Spain put their teeth under their pillow. While they are sleeping, a little mouse, Ratoncito Pérez, takes the teeth and leaves money or candy.


Before bed, children put their teeth in a box on the nightstand. A magic mouse, El Ratón, will visit and replace the tooth with money. More money is left for front teeth.


Children put their teeth in a glass of water. When they wake up, a coin is in the tooth’s place.


In Nepal, it is said that if a bird sees or eats a baby tooth, a new tooth will not grow. Children bury their teeth to keep this from happening.


Children throw their teeth on the roof and ask for a sparrow to bring them a new one.


Children in Singapore throw their lower teeth straight up to the roof and their upper teeth straight down to the ground, so that their new teeth will grow straight. If teeth thrown slanted or at an angle, the new teeth will not grow in straight.


In China, children put their top teeth at the foot of their beds and their bottom teeth on the roof so that their new teeth will grow in faster.

Do you and your family have special traditions for when your children lose their baby teeth? Share your traditions and ideas here! Schedule an appointment today for a family check up with Highland Oaks Family Dentistry.

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