Tooth Sensitivity to Cold — Bad Sign?

woman with sensitive teeth eating ice cream

Do you ever feel a sharp or uncomfortable sensation in your teeth when eating ice cream or drinking ice cold water? Or do you get the feeling simply when you’re outside in the winter, breathing in that freezing air? We wouldn’t be surprised if you did since tooth sensitivity to cold is quite common.

The real question is whether or not you should be worried if you have the feeling. Tooth sensitivity to cold is mainly a concern if it’s a lasting sensation (rather than something that you feel for just a few seconds). It’s not an urgent concern, but it’s best to talk to your dentist so they’re kept in the loop and can monitor the situation, or provide the necessary treatment.

The Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Each of your teeth has an outer protective layer called enamel. When a tooth is sensitive, it’s because the inner part of it called dentin is exposed. This might happen because there’s a cavity or a lost filling, or because rough brushing or grinding have worn away at the enamel. Even certain foods and drinks like soda or some teeth whitening products you may find at your local store can cause tooth sensitivity.

How to Fix Tooth Sensitivity

What’s causing your tooth sensitivity will determine your treatment. For example, if your enamel is just generally wearing down, we might recommend getting a fluoride treatment or changing up your home care routine with better brushing techniques and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Say grinding is your issue — we can fit you with a mouthguard to protect your teeth. If you have a cavity, we can place a filling, and if it’s a severe enough infection, we might need to provide root canal treatment.

If you’re dealing with tooth sensitivity to cold and you’d like a professional to take a look, contact our office for appointment. The Highland Okas Family Dentistry team can help!

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