What Is the Most Ideal Type of Mouth Guard?

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Aside from sports equipment and protective gears, there are one more appliance athletes should secure to have a fun and safe competition. Believe it or not, an oral appliance that is shaped like a horseshoe can keep the oral structures protected from any forms of injuries caused by accidental contact when playing sports. It may seem like a simple item but do know that when the proper type is used, patients can enjoy competing on the activities they love without worrying.


Since there are different options available, choosing the right one can be challenging. But it does not have to be this way, we at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry are committed to helping our patients get the best treatments suited for them. So for them to make the right choice when choosing a mouth guard, here are the types available and their differences.


Stock mouth guards

This particular protective appliance is affordable and accessible to many since it is available in most sporting goods stores. However, despite these, it is not the ideal choice since it comes in a one size fits all. Due to this concept, it cannot offer the best fit and coverage for the teeth to protect it from injuries. Even most dentists do not recommend the use of the said mouth guard.

Boil and bite mouth guards

Like the former type of appliance, a boil and bite mouth guard can be purchased in most sporting goods stores as well. But instead of a ready-made device, as its name implies, the material purchased needs to be boiled to soften. And once cool enough to touch, patients would bite down and use their fingers to shape the device to a mouth guard. As a result, patients can expect that it has a better fit.

Custom-fitted mouth guards

Among the other options, custom made oral appliance is sure to offer the best fit, comfort, and protection. Know that the protective device is created under the expertise and experience of a patient. It is made possible since impressions are carefully taken from patients that are then sent to an off-site laboratory which creates the appliance from the treatment plan established by a dental professional.


Take note that over the counter mouth guards only offer some level of defense against oral damage. So to get the best protection available, having our dentist at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry create custom mouth guards is the ideal course of action.


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