Why Trade Your Old-Fashioned Braces for ClearCorrect – Keller, TX

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Traditional braces are the standard orthodontic device for people with malocclusions. This type of dental appliance had given patients a chance to correct their crooked teeth, align their bites, and most importantly, straighten their smiles. But do you really need to live with a mouth full of bulky metals? Luckily, you no longer have to deal with all the hassles of metal braces. Thanks to modern technology that made way for the creation of ClearCorrect—a transparent, removable, and metal-free orthodontic appliance.


woman inserting clear correct teeth straightening aligner


All About The Clear Benefits Of ClearCorrect

We at Highland Oaks Family Dentistry offer ClearCorrect treatment in Keller, TX. For our dear patients who want to perfect the alignment of their smiles, we recommend this type of orthodontic device. ClearCorrect is oozing with significant benefits which they can take advantage of. Below are some of them:

The ClearCorrect aligner can fit your lifestyle

Compared to metal braces, the clear aligner can be easily removed from the wearer’s mouth. This feature of ClearCorrect is an advantage for people who are in the corporate world and busy individuals who cannot spend an extended amount of time cleaning the nooks and crannies of their braces. If you are into sports, playing inside the court is easier. You will no longer have to exert extra effort in protecting the oral device as you can simply take it out from your mouth.

Comfort is prioritized with ClearCorrect

One of the highest considerations of people when choosing an orthodontic device is “comfort”. Unfortunately, metal braces fail in this area. The brackets and wires do not offer the most pleasant experience to the wearers—from painful adjustments to sore soft tissues—these may seem too much of a hassle. On the flip side, ClearCorrect aligners are designed to straighten patients’ teeth without compromising their comfort.

ClearCorrect can mend multiple teeth imperfections

Just like the conventional type of braces, ClearCorrect aligners can fix a vast array of smile flaws. If you are suffering from overbite or underbite, it is now easy to mend these issues using the clear aligners. You can also rely on the said orthodontic treatment to remedy your crooked or twisted teeth. Whether you have a crowded smile or overly-spaced pearly whites, ClearCorrect aligners are a good solution.


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